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Filter Press Books
Texas Tech University Press
Braughler Books
University of Alabama Press
University of North Texas Press
Texas Woman’s University Library, the WASP Archives. Denton TX
Woman Airforce Service Pilots digital collection at Woman’s Collection, Texas Woman’s University
International Women’s Air and Space Museum, Cleveland OH
International Organization of Women Pilots
Information on the WASP: Waco TX
WASP WWII Museum at Avenger Field, Sweetwater TX. WASP WWII training site for members of classes 43-4 on.
Women Writing the West, see Blog
WILLA Literary Award, sponsored by Women Writing the West. Author Sarah Byrn Rickman’s WASP novel Flight From Fear was a finalist in 2003. – See previous winners and finalists.
Women Military Aviators
National Aviation Hall of Fame, Dayton OH: Nancy Love was inducted in 2005.
Dunbar Library, Wright State University, Dayton OH
Aviation Trail, Dayton OH
Aviation Heritage, Dayton OH
National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton, OH
Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham, AL
Women In Aviation, International
Andy’s WASP Web Pages
Web site of Jill “Raggz” Long

Photo Credits

The vintage WAFS and WASP photographs on my website come from several sources: most are from my personal collection; also, Texas Woman’s University/ the WASP Archives (used in my books); the Airpower History Museum, Farmingdale, NY, courtesy Julia Lauria-Blum curator; Robert Baker Patterson’s collection from his grandfather Col. Robert H. Baker’s scrapbook. The photo used for the “On Wings of Gold” is a stock image from Thinkstock.