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Cornelia Fort WAFS Pilot: 
Her Life for Her Country

The story of Cornelia Clark Fort soars. Cornelia herself soared every time she stepped into the cockpit of the aircraft she was flying that day, from takeoff to landing – including her last flight. While doing her sworn duty to the best of her ability, she gave her life for her country when it was at war fighting for democracy and the right to live free. Principles she fervently believed in.

Know that in reading her story you will experience the best of what humanity has to offer. Flying along with this fine young pilot, who died too soon, you will learn what it feels like to dance with birds, chase clouds, and fly the wild blue yonder.

A few words from Sarah Byrn Rickman:

That I write about the WASP — the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II — is no secret.

For four incredible years, thanks to the influence of the WASP, I flew this little Aeronca Champ taildragger that I dearly loved. It is yellow with a red belly. Pictured at left: me and the Champ, November 15, 2010, the day I did my cross-country solo.

In my wildest dreams I fly a P-51 like my heroines, the WASP of the Ferry Command.

I asked Jenny Hancey, my graphic designer to create the logo at the top of this site for me — an old fashioned pen drawing a P-51 in flight. “Flight to Destiny” is borrowed from my WAFS novel of the same name — because we are allowed to dream.

So I invite you to come along and dream with me. More WASP books are coming as I do my darnedest to tell their incredible stories.

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