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Last weekend I received my most recent review of Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot and I want to share it. In fact, I’d like to share several of my reviews.

This just in from Margaret Dennis “Peg” Carnahan, Lt. Col. USAF (retired), a 1980 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, the first class to admit and graduate women. Peg is now a commercial pilot.


Once again, Sarah Byrn Rickman displays her talent for capturing WASP history from a personal perspective. Through meticulously annotated references and personal interviews, Ms. Rickman provides an in-depth portrait of Betty Gillies and the WAFS. Even those who believe themselves well-versed in WAFS/WASP history will gain new insights.

While this book is written for the “young reader”, it is equally captivating to adults. Ms. Rickman’s engaging writing style is comfortable and makes it hard to put the book down. As with her other writings, the big gift of this book is her personal knowledge of many WAFS/WASP pilots through years of interviews, oral histories and research. Through her, you truly get to know these amazing women as individuals and live their experiences. This is a great addition to any library, and a terrific book for young readers who love history.

Peggy Carnahan


This is a well-researched and accurate account of an extraordinary woman and pioneering aviator! Sarah Rickman brings Betty’s 2-plus years as an exceptional pilot and WAFS squadron leader to life. Learning to fly at Roosevelt Field, Long Island, and attending the very first meeting of the Ninety-Nines here in Valley Stream in 1929, Betty became an original charter member of this legendary group of women pilots, still in existence today! She later became the first woman to fly the formidable P-47 Thunderbolt, produced by Republic Aviation Corp., Farmingdale, NY, in 1943, and eventually directed one of the most successful, efficient, important ferrying operations by the WAFS/WASP during World War II.

This book is highly recommended reading for all!

Julia Lauria Blum


Sarah Rickman has done it again! Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot: The Days of Flights of a World War II Squadron Leader is a wonderful read. This is a fantastic story of an amazing American hero, Betty Gillies. This true story is inspiring and insightful into what the WASP pilots did to help the war effort. Very few people know that over 1,000 young women answered the call of their country to help with the war effort by flying military aircraft as civilians, allowing the men to fly in combat.

These women were true heroes, they delivered brand new airplanes, many of those planes had never been flown before, to bases all over the U.S. Betty was a leader of this group and one of the first females to fly the B-17. Sarah is a great historian and brings to life this story of one of America’s most inspiring women. I highly recommend this and Sarah’s other books.

T. Lee


Once I had a minute to read I could not put the book down. Interesting, well written and an easy read. I really enjoy Sarah Rickman’s style of weaving the words of Betty into the narration. I felt like Betty was recounting her history for me, in her own words. Thank you for bringing her interesting history as a WAFS to life. Loved the historic images scattered throughout the book as well.



This is an extraordinarily well-written account of just two years in the life of Betty Huyler Gillies, one of the leaders of the WAFS during WWII. Gillies was the 5th President of The Ninety-Nines, Inc., the world’s oldest and largest organization for female pilots. She was a trail-blazer on a multitude of levels and Rickman tells her story beautifully. This is a MUST READ!

Jacqueline Boyd


My thanks to all these readers. I need more reviews, if any of you, my followers, have read Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot and would care to post a review to Amazon or Facebook, I’d be most appreciative. In the meantime, keep reading!!! And THANKS for reading my Blog!

Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot: The Days and Flights of a World War II Squadron Leader

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From Flight to Destiny Press

For Age 12 to Adult

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