Cornelia Fort WAFS Pilot Earns Sarah a Silver!

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards 2024  Last fall I entered Cornelia Fort WAFS Pilot: Her Life for Her Country in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards. Cornelia’s story is the ninth biography I’ve written about those remarkable women pilots of World War II. They were known first as the WAFS (Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron). Badly needed, 28…

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Cornelia Fort, Finalist in IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards!

Cornelia Takes Flight Again! Friends, I gotta brag – again! Cornelia Fort WAFS Pilot: Her Life for Her Country has been named a finalist in the 36th Benjamin Franklin Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) competition. The festivities and announcement of winners takes place, April 26, in Denver, Colorado. (Close to home!) I plan to be…


THANK YOU IWASM FOR THIS AMAZING HONOR On September 1, the International Women’s Air and Space Museum (IWASM) in Cleveland, Ohio, is honoring yours truly with their Lifetime Achievement Award. And I have to say, my 37-year journey with IWASM has been an incredible one. In 1986, I was the editor of the twice-weekly Centerville-Bellbrook Times, Centerville,…

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