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Emily Warner, Pioneer Woman Airline Pilot, Flies West

American Aviation Has Lost a Giant Emily Hanrahan Howell Warner — born in Denver, Colorado, October 30, 1939 — made history. The first female pilot hired by a major U.S. scheduled airline, Emily took her final flight west on July 3, 2020. Bea Khan Wilhite, former president of the Colorado Aviation Historical Society and Emily’s…

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1961: A Woman in Space?

12 More Women Pilots Pass Dr. Lovelace’s Tests Continued from last week — June 5 post Dr. Randolph Lovelace now had 12 more women pilots who qualified for the testing the first seven male astronauts had undergone. The 12 joined with Jerrie Cobb in the program that came to be known as the Mercury 13….

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1957: A Woman in Space?

The Space Race: Who Gets to Go First? In 1957, when the space race began, aviation was a man’s field. On October 4, that year, the world was turned on its head, never to be the same again. The Russians launched Sputnik 1 and space flight was born. The 23-inch-in-diameter sphere with two sets of…

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Check Out The Sale on Amazon Today – Flight to Destiny

Sarah’s ‘Flight to Destiny’ Today’s Kindle Special To my readers out there. Today, the Kindle edition of my second WASP novel — FLIGHT TO DESTINY — as an ‘on sale’ purchase: $2.99 Please take a look!!! Check out Amazon! And THANK YOU for reading my WASP books! Buy it here. SBR

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Yes, Mom Flew a Helicopter in the First Gulf War (Part 3)

Women Flew Combat Support in Desert Storm “In Desert Storm, women were allowed to do combat support and combat service support,” Vicky Calhoun explained in last week’s Blog. “Then into the 1990s, the Air Force let women into fighter aircraft. That helped erode the Army argument that women couldn’t fly combat aircraft. “Now women military…

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Mom Flew Helicopters in Desert Storm (Part 2)

Air Assault: A Battalion of Chinooks Launch Last week’s post concluded with these two paragraphs: On January 15, 1991, the United Nations gave Saddam Hussein an ultimatum to withdraw from Kuwait. He didn’t budge, and on January 17, U.N. forces led by the U.S. attacked Iraq. Desert Shield had become Desert Storm, and a five-week…

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