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CAL Awards Finalist: Betty Gillies WASP Pilot

A great week, folks. I’m celebrating! Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot: The Days and Flights of a World War II Squadron Leader has earned two Finalist Awards in the Colorado Authors League (CAL) competition for books published in 2020. The two categories are: “Non-Fiction: Biography, Memoir” and “Fiction/Non-Fiction: Young Adult. Final award winners will be announced…


A  Poem Dedicated to Betty Gillies

On Wings of Gold Fog shrouds the wings; dawn, but a shard of light. Twin engines labor, eager to unbridle the horses. Toes, hard on brakes, check the trembling aircraft. From the tower, “Cleared for takeoff.” Brakes off. Throttle to the firewall. Spine thrust back against the seat. Rolling, rumbling, reaching, Wheels eat up runway….

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The Historic Chocolate Soda Lives Again

A Visit to Atchison’s Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain When was the last time you had a chocolate soda at a real old-fashioned soda fountain? Think “old-fashioned” as when those of us of a certain age were kids or teenagers. Those soda fountains, as we knew them in “our” day, are rare today. The day before I left…

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