IT TOOK 33 YEARS FOR THE WOMEN PILOTS OF WWII TO BE RECOGNIZED AS VETERANS Dorothy Scott was the 25th woman pilot to join the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) in the fall of 1942. Dorothy perished in a mid-air crash a year later – the second of the original WAFS to die flying for…


Betty Gillies, A Trailblazer in Women’s Aviation

Hometown Pilot Betty Gillies’ Impressive Legacy BY KAREN BILLING, STAFF WRITER Rancho Santa Fe News, Rancho Santa Fe, California (Reprinted with permission) NOV. 10, 2020 4:56 AM PT The late Betty Gillies, a trailblazer in women’s aviation, is featured in the new young adult novel “Betty Gillies: WAFS Pilot”, a true story written by Sarah Byrn Rickman drawing on the…

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Check Out The Sale on Amazon Today – Flight to Destiny

Sarah’s ‘Flight to Destiny’ Today’s Kindle Special To my readers out there. Today, the Kindle edition of my second WASP novel — FLIGHT TO DESTINY — as an ‘on sale’ purchase: $2.99 Please take a look!!! Check out Amazon! And THANK YOU for reading my WASP books! Buy it here. SBR

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Sarah’s “Flight to Destiny” Now On Amazon Kindle

Flight to Destiny – Pearl Harbor Revisited All of Pearl Harbor was spread out in front of Annie. The water itself appeared to be on fire. Japanese planes zoomed back and forth, diving, climbing, turning, shooting at everything that moved — planes, boats, trucks, cars, bicycles, people. Recall Reading These Words Back in January? They…


38 WASP Died in WWII, 3 Were Original WAFS

Thirty-eight WASP perished performing their patriotic calling — flying for their country in World War II. All were young women, age 20 to early 30s — women whose futures would never be realized. Cornelia Fort, a southern gentlewoman from Tennessee, loved flying. She also was on her way to becoming a proven writer. Early on,…


Meet Original WAFS Dorothy Fulton

1930s Flyer With 21stCentury Attitude Yours truly has introduced you to original WAFS Nancy Love, BJ Erickson,  Teresa James and Dorothy Scott through books. How would you like to meet some more of them? Original WAFS Dorothy Fulton, for starters. No pilot expects the propeller to drop off an airplane. But that is how nineteen-year-old Dorothy Fulton…

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Part II: Teresa James, an ORIGINAL

Wind Singing in the Wires Picking up where we left off last Friday… Gradually, Teresa began to follow his movements and, soon, she thought she was simply moving the stick and rudders in concert with him. They would be back on the ground before she learned that, by then, she was flying the airplane. Harry…

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