“Nancy Love: WASP Pilot” Debuts TOMORROW

Tomorrow’s the Big Day! May 25, 2019

Nancy Love: WASP Pilot — FilterPressBooks.com — releases officially tomorrow. Copies will be for sale at the WASP WWII Museum at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas, where most of the WASP trained in 1943-44.

The occasion is WASP Homecoming, an annual event held on the very grounds where the women pilots trained. Originally known as WFTD’s (Women’s Flying Training Detachment), they lived, ate, slept, studied, and took their military pilot training at Avenger Field — all but the first two classes. Those women trained in Houston, but from then on Sweetwater was the home of the WASP.

Big Crowd Expected at Homecoming

Carol Cain, museum vice president, says a big crowd of WASP friends, families, and fans is expected — as always.

Nancy Love: WASP Pilot copies will be for sale in the Author’s Corner, as will several of my other WASP books: The Originals, BJ Erickson: WASP Pilot (my first young adult WASP biography) and the award-winning novel Flight to Destiny — the fictionalized version of the story of the Original WAFS. I’ve signed all of them!

Look for the poster featuring my books! Come see us. Kimberly Johnson and Shelia Bickle from the Texas Woman’s University Library / the WASP Archives will be holding down the fort in my absence. At the last minute, I am unable to make the trip.

Look for My Documentary: “Five WAFS Up Close and Personal”

Be on the lookout, too, for my WASP documentary, Five WAFS Up Close and Personal. Carol plans to have a loop running showing my exclusive film featuring five of the Original WAFS who flew for Nancy Love in the Ferry Command in WWII. I personally interviewed Nancy Batson, BJ Erickson, Teresa James, Gertrude Meserve and Florene Miller in 1999 and filmed the interviews. Remarkable women all!!!

Now, please watch and enjoy the newly released video promo for Nancy Love: WASP Pilot    . You’re gonna love it!!!


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