The WAFS and How They Came to Be (Part 2)

Nancy Love Takes Command of the WAFS  By Sarah Byrn Rickman, WASP Author and Historian Part 2 (Continued from last week) Summer 1942, Colonel Tunner hires Nancy Love to recruit women ferry pilots, write their training syllabus and establish requirements to qualify for this new squadron. From left: WAFS Evelyn Sharp, Nancy Love, Barbara Towne,…

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Sarah’s “Flight to Destiny” Now On Amazon Kindle

Flight to Destiny – Pearl Harbor Revisited All of Pearl Harbor was spread out in front of Annie. The water itself appeared to be on fire. Japanese planes zoomed back and forth, diving, climbing, turning, shooting at everything that moved — planes, boats, trucks, cars, bicycles, people. Recall Reading These Words Back in January? They…

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