Book Launch – Jean Landis WASP Pilot, July 16

WASP Museum to Launch ‘Jean Landis WASP Pilot’ July 16 Jean Landis WASP Pilot – 2,500 Miles … Long Beach to Newark in a P-51, my latest book in the WASP/WAFS Pilot Series, will officially debut Saturday, July 16, at 1:30 pm Central Daylight Time – on ZOOM. The Zoom connection will be coming direct…

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JEAN LANDIS WASP PILOT, 2,500 MILES … LONG BEACH TO NEWARK IN A P-51 Presenting: My twelfth book about the WAFS and WASP – the American women pilots who flew for the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II. Jean Landis WASP Pilot is not only my twelfth book, it is #5 in my Young-Adult-Readers-focused series “The WAFS and WASP of…

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