‘The Originals’ Book Program in North Carolina on the Horizon?

The WAFS 0f World War II Our Luncheon Topic! Last Saturday, I finally got to meet Mike McCarthy, the gentleman who very nicely invited me to come to North Carolina in mid-March 2020 to talk about my book The Originals — the women pilots who flew for the U.S.A. in World War II — at the Veterans History Museum…


The WAFS/WASP Story Began for Me, at IWASM

“Thank You” IWASM and My Mentor Joan Hrubec IWASM, the International Women’s Air & Space Museum, is hosting the launch of my newest book—Teresa James’s biography—October 20 at 7 pm Eastern Time, 5 pm Mountain Time. Join me and many of my friends and fellow advocates of the amazing women pilots who flew for our…

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