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My Mentor and Friend Nancy Batson Crews, Part 2

Our Dream, The Originals, Becomes a Reality Continued from last week: “We’ll get your interviews with the remaining WAFS,” Nancy Crews told me at the end of last Friday’s blog. “We’ll have a reunion in Birmingham. How soon are you available?” This was a woman who, over the previous 15 years, built a successful real…

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Part II: Teresa James, an ORIGINAL

Wind Singing in the Wires Picking up where we left off last Friday… Gradually, Teresa began to follow his movements and, soon, she thought she was simply moving the stick and rudders in concert with him. They would be back on the ground before she learned that, by then, she was flying the airplane. Harry…

Part I: Teresa James — Chapter 3 of The ORIGINALS

“How are ya, honey,” the gravely voice greets me through the screen. “Come on in. I just got back from Mass and the coffeepot’s on.” Shelves bulging with books bearing aviation titles line the narrow, enclosed porch. Stacks of magazines with glossy picturesof airplanes top every table. The house is abloom with flowers. Religious icons,…

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