Cornelia Fort WAFS Pilot Earns Sarah a Silver!

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards 2024  Last fall I entered Cornelia Fort WAFS Pilot: Her Life for Her Country in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards. Cornelia’s story is the ninth biography I’ve written about those remarkable women pilots of World War II. They were known first as the WAFS (Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron). Badly needed, 28…

Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot — Coming October 15

Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot The Days and Flights of a World War II Squadron Leader By Sarah Byrn Rickman, from Flight to Destiny Press Release date: October 15, 2020 The sun creased the horizon. Suspended in the bubble-enclosed cockpit of the twin-engine, twin-tailed P-38 Lightning, the pilot pressed her toes hard against the brakes. The…

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