JEAN LANDIS WASP PILOT Book Launch Coming in July

Well we didn’t get the Jean Landis WASP Pilot book launch done, did we! May 18 was a BIG DAY on my calendar, but Covid did me in. Rather than subject you to my raspy bass voice, we decided it best to wait until later. July is now the target! Date still to be determined. But the National WASP WWII Museum in Sweetwater and I are working on it! TBA!!!

Jean Landis WASP Pilot – 2,500 Miles…Long Beach to Newark in a P-51 is out there and available from the WASP Museum and on Amazon, BUT we’re still anxious to introduce you to some of the people who helped make the book – and will make the Zoom launch – happen. And Jean, herself, sends her “hello’s” to you all. What a terrific lady she is! I’m hoping her great nephew Devin and his wife Jeanne of American Dream Cinema will be able to attend. They were already booked when the May date was scheduled.


We will notify everyone in plenty of time to sign up – again! I sure hope you’ll join us!

JEAN LANDIS WASP PILOT is written for today’s young women in schools across  America!!!

Jean’s WASP Class 43-4 Wings

To bring you up to date. My bout with Covid made me very very tired. I’m slowly regaining my energy. Otherwise, it’s been much like having an old-fashioned cold. The enforced quarantine was a bit lonesome, but with Zoom I’ve managed to stay in touch with friends and with the weekly meeting of writing group. And my neighbors walk by every day and wave – when we weren’t having our big, wet Colorado spring snows. Since I have a roomy porch set up and back from the sidewalk, it’s easy for them to stop and chat without getting too close. We keep a healthy distance! But now my quarantine is OVER!

Oh boy, have I missed going to the gym!!! Next week!!!!!


Believe it or not, I’m already working on book Number 13, with ideas for #14 rattling around in my head. And Mary, my marketing manager, and I are working on big book marketing plans for this summer!!!

It will be so good to “see” you, so to speak, in July. We’ll announce the LAUNCH DATE HERE once we have it locked in!

I repeat – STAY TUNED!


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