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My WASP Journey on Film, in Books

March is Women’s History Month and that occasion has brought me a new friend and contact, Liz Booker. She wanted to do a filmed interview with me about my WASP books and hear about how I came to write my 10 WASP books … and counting.

Last year Liz, also a pilot and writer, started the Aviatrix Book Club Facebook Group (open to women and men). They have small group virtual discussions throughout the month on a featured book that anyone can host and anyone can join.  She also created the Aviatrix Book Review Website to serve as a central source to find books featuring women in aviation.

The Author with Amelia Earhart, at The Forest of Friendship, Atchison, Kansas

That’s Where I and My Books Come In

I gave her the short version of my lengthy and somewhat convoluted WASP and book-writing journey. It, of course, began when I met my first WASP, Nadine Nagle, in 1990 and fell in love with her story and the WASP story. The Women Airforce Service Pilots are the women who flew for the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II. Eleven hundred two of them (1,102) collectively flew every aircraft in the USAAF’s WWII arsenal. Only 25 are still with us. The youngest is 97.

Nadine Nagle in WASP uniform

Liz wanted my interview to contain the longer, more comprehensive version of my story. On March 8th we did it. We both had a ball! She posted it to YouTube the following week where you may now view it! You can watch it here.

My Contribution, Ten Books 30 Years Later

The gist of it is, back in the ’90s, few people had heard about the WASP. I set out to change that. Ten books and 30 years later, I have, to some degree, done that. But there’s so many more stories out there to tell.

Liz asked me to send her some of my blog posts about the WAFS and WASP, written over the past two years. I did, and she has posted three of them. You’ll also find the links below.

Her author interviews and aviation writers’ discussions can be found on her website, YouTube, and on any podcast subscription service under Aviatrix Book Review. My interview is part of a series for Women’s History Month 2021 about women who flew for their countries during WWII. Links to all can be found here:

I hope you watch the film and also check out the blog posts.

Here Are the Links Again

From Sarah: THANKS for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy the interview! Find my books on Amazon!

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